Reuse can be valuable

Make your own internet TV channel in Cloudcasting and offer subscriptions to intermediaries. You can then give them the rights to add or adapt parts of the broadcast.  This is what makes internet TV so interesting to all parties.

Your information forms the basis of a whole new channel – with many variants.

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Earning model for the media

Those who are active in the media know that good content is highly valuable, irrespective of the channel through which it reaches the public. Cloudcasting can be a profitable addition for those who are servicing a target group with relevant content.

Let's say that you are the publisher of a trade magazine: you combine sector news with general news, weather information, traffic information and financial updates, which turns your one-dimensional information into an interesting broadcast for any location where people in the sector get together. Depending on the location (conference, bar or office building), the objective per user and his target group, you structure your channel for each screen. Each of your clients can add information, making the channel a perfect fit for the broadcaster and the user moment. To do this, you choose the Cloudcasting silver option:

If you have 100 customers who pay 100 euro per month your revenue is already 120,000 euro per year. Your costs are easy to keep up with: one general licence at 250 euro, 100 users at 250 euro and 100 x screen access at 150 euro = total 40,250 euro. Your profit? 79,750 euro and a much higher level of coverage among your target group.

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