The secret to good broadcasting is relevance:


  • Product information
  • Special offers
  • Company news
  • Weather & traffic reports

           ....  plus .....

  • Content from your neighbour

Earning model for stores

Retailers are always looking for the one medium that will tempt customers into buying at the right time with the right mind-set. In this regard information is just as important as the context in which it is presented.

Cloudcasting provides the option to separate general and specific information per location and even per screen. This makes it an ideal medium for continuously surprising the shopping public. In the bakery you will see the Cake of the Day, but also the butcher's special offer. In ladies’ fashion shops you will also see advertisements from the hairdresser and the shoe shop.

Example: You prepare a special presentation for a big shopping centre. Forty different shops participate and are each able to update their own advertising page. You can update the location for each type of shop. You pay 6,500 euro per year (two subscriptions for 10 users = 250 euro plus 40 screens at 150 euro). For each shop (screen) you charge 600 euro per year = 24,000 euro. Your profit: 17,500 euro.

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