Making TV: stronger together

If you only broadcast your own messages, you will lose your target group. If you involve the receiver in your broadcast, you start making exciting internet TV. It is possible to make content together with Cloudcasting software – without losing final control. Effective. Easy. And fun!

Earning model for schools

Many schools struggle with their communications with students. How can you be sure that the latest information actually gets where it needs to go? Screen-based communication can serve the needs of schools in a fun and effective way. A good Channel Manager can make it even easier for them by offering ready-made bundled packages that they can adapt as required (Silver option):

Example: You set up a special channel for secondary schools, in which you don't just provide the opportunity to announce roster changes, but also offer current information, with the latest news, the final exam newscast/logbook, a daily brainteaser and advertisements from the (school) bookstore, the sports shop and the music store. If 100 schools participate with 5 screens each, you will pay for 10 licenses for 10 users = 2,500 euro plus 75,000 euro for 100 viewing points/screens = 77,500 in total. You ask each school for a contribution of 1,200 euro and therefore make 42,500 euro. The school itself can also make money from the medium by adding local advertising and sponsors.


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