Cloudcasting enriches your own information

  • Football rankings in the pub
  • Chef's suggestions in the restaurant
  • Cycle routes in the Hotel
  • Local art agenda 

Earning model for Hotel and Restaurants

Good screen-based communication tailored especially to bars, restaurants or hotel (chains) can provide information as well as create atmosphere. With Cloudcasting it is possible to customise the content as well as the format, at a very limited cost.

  1. 1. Hospitality information channel (bronze option)

A hospitality channel quickly makes you think of the menu of the day, room information, opening hours and other ‘business information’. If you add regional information, nightlife information, weather and traffic information, the relevance of the medium will increase greatly. You will easily recoup the cost from advertisements for bicycle storage, the tourist office or the local taxi company. But other hospitality companies and the local florist may also be interested - and may want to have their own screen.

Example: You set up a special channel for hospitality and tourism. You have 5 screens in this venue. In addition you have 15 local vendors who participate. They each have their own advertising page and each also has one screen with this channel on their own premises. You pay for two licenses at 250 euro, each valid for 10 users. In addition, you pay 3,000 euro for a total of 20 screens (5 for the hospitality venue and 15 for the local sponsors). Total cost on an annual basis: 3,250 euro. If you sell each of the local vendors a subscription in which they can operate one page themselves you can easily ask for 600 euro per year. Revenue: 9,000 euro. Profit: 5,750 euro, improved relationships with local suppliers and much more interesting screen-based communication for your guests.

2. HotelTV (silver option)

With HotelTV you offer a full channel with all the facilities in and around the business. Guests will find all the relevant information as described above. In the case of meeting arrangements, conferences or other business venue hire you can also offer the option to include individual presentations within HotelTV, ranging from welcoming participants to conference information and advertisements from participants.

Example: You prepare a special presentation for your hotel (chain) with information about the rooms, the restaurant, tourist information, weather and traffic. You show this in 25 different locations in your hotel. The cost? 4,000 euro. In addition, you buy an (extra) business license for 250 euro per year for every 10 customers. In the conference package you give these a value of 500 euro. You don't need a lot of business customers to reduce the cost for this extra medium to 0 or even make a profit, while you visibly differentiate yourself towards your customers.

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