Information in the club:

  • Scores, rankings and positions
  • Competition programme
  • House rules, etc.

Information about the club

  • news on players
  • supporters’ days
  • business news

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Earning model for Clubs

A sports club can't exist without sponsorship revenue. Cloudcasting is excellent for strengthening the bonds with sponsors.

1. Sponsor messages in the clubhouse: more than a logo (bronze option)

You give your sponsors the opportunity to promote their products on the screen in your clubhouse. You can even give your sponsor their own access to the system so that they can remotely put the latest message on the screen. Updating or expanding messages or describing products? The special PowerPoint module makes this a very low-threshold form of advertising. 

Example: You prepare a special presentation for the clubhouse, which has three screens. Eight sponsors are given the option to promote themselves in this presentation. You pay 700 euro per year (one-off subscription of 250 euro + 450 euro for 3 screens). This gives you additional sponsor revenue of 400 euro per sponsor. The club wins in two ways: in terms of money (3,200 – 700 = 2,500 euro per year) and in terms of improved communication within the club.

2. Your own club TV (Silver option)

A club is a perfect venue for setting up your very own "TV channel". All the latest news in your club, the scores, the programme and gossip are hot topics that many members might like to see. Together with local news items, national news, the weather forecast and traffic information the club news makes for an interesting broadcast. You can open up this broadcast to business club members so that in their own companies they can also proudly show that they are willing to share their success by supporting a local club. Furthermore, they can add their own content to your broadcast which makes the presentation even more attractive for the club, the sponsors and the customers of the sponsors.

Example: You prepare a special presentation for your football club, together with 10 business club members. You supply the central presentation with club news, weather and traffic. Business club members can choose which slides they want to use on their own premises and add company-specific information (their own news, product information). Based on 1 screen per user you will pay 4,250 euro per year (one-off subscription at 250 euro + 10 x 400 (licence at 250 euro + 150 euro per screen). You charge 1,000 euro per licence per year = 10,000 euro. Profit for the club: 5,750 euro (10,000 euro minus 4,250 euro) and much greater local support.

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