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The cooperation between Lucas Mees and Novoprof has borne many fruits. All the ventures have one thing in common: the creation of software which makes business life easier, so that there is more time left over for what really matters: the passion for business itself.

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Lucas Mees

Sergey Tamontsev

Cloudcasting has been created jointly by sport and ICT entrepeneur Lucas Mees and the Russian firm Novoprof.

Lucas Mees began his career in business and for many years he was international marketing manager at Maersk Linke, one of the world leaders in the shipping and transport sector. In 1996, he set up his own business developing software packages mainly to improve sales and marketing processes in small organisations. In particular, the administrative management of sports clubs attracted his attention. Cloudcasting has come about as a result of the need for sports clubs to give their sponsors more exposure.

Novoprof is based in Novosibirsk, which is also known as Russia’s Silicon Valley. It is Russia’s third city and has more than ten universities and higher education colleges. It is in this stimulating environment that Novoprof has provided offshore software development for more than ten years, founded on the huge potential of its highly skilled IT personnel. It is just as easy to ignore established paths as it is to follow them. The company prides itself on its service. Sergey Tamontsev is the key figure at our branch in Novosibirsk. Together with entrepreneur Lucas Mees, he combines the applications with the technology.

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