The cost of Cloudcasting

Free Trial: You can use Cloudcasting for the first 21 days free of charge without any obligation. The free trial ends automatically.

General Licence: you pay per screen

  • You control one or more presentations with other users.
  • You are given a subscription with logins for max 10 users valid for one year: 250 euros per year *
  • You pay 150 euros per screen per year (if you have more than 20 screens please contact us)
  • You get a maximum of 5 gigabites of space on our server

For instance: if you want to have one or more presentations at three locations at the same time it costs 250 euros plus 3 x 150 euros which is a total of 700 euros per year.

* In case you have 12 users who require a login you pay 2 x 250 euro per year.

Other options: Do you want to run your own channel and or sell the rights to it? Please contact us for more information and favourable conditions.

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