On Air in 7 steps:

Step 1. Log into our system 

Step 2. Create your first presentation

Step 3. Add your slides to the presentation

Step 4. Click on Publish

Step 5. Install the player software on the PC on which you want to show the presentation

Step 6. Log into the player software and select the presentation

Step 7. Click on PLAY and your presentation is broadcast 




Design your own broadcast

Your own internet TV channel: you can go ‘live’ in just 30 minutes from the moment you log in. Once you have mastered the system, you are tempted to make better and better broadcasts. Which can become increasingly varied. And in which more and more sources can become involved, while keeping to the house style. Because that is the power of Cloudcasting: it is easy, accessible and can be completely adapted to suit your wishes.

You can try it out for free. The software is available on trial for 21 days free of charge. It gives you the opportunity to play around with the programme and to think about how you can use your own internet TV to raise the profile of your organisation. In addition, Cloudcasting provides countless possibilities to generate extra income. It is worth finding out what Cloudcasting could do for you.

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