Making TV: stronger together

If you only broadcast your own messages, you will lose your target group. If you involve the receiver in your broadcast, you start making exciting internet TV. It is possible to make content together with Cloudcasting software – without losing final control. Effective. Easy. And fun!


Roster changes. School party announcements. Warnings for pupils who arrive too late. Teachers know how difficult it is to communicate effectively with pupils. Cloudcasting makes it easy. With just three clicks of the mouse you can change your broadcast to pass on the latest changes. You can even put teachers or students in the limelight on their birthday a photo.

Depending on your school, you can even let pupils themselves make part of the broadcast. Digitally publish the school magazine. Display an art project. Highlight special extracurricular achievements. The possibilities are inexhaustible and the costs are so low that it is easy to find a sponsor, who can be given their own page in return?

Extra earning opportunities are demostrated here.

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