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Make your own internet TV channel in Cloudcasting and offer subscriptions to intermediaries. You can then give them the rights to add or adapt parts of the broadcast.  This is what makes internet TV so interesting to all parties.

Your information forms the basis of a whole new channel – with many variants.

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Magazines, a website and social media: customers, publishers and investors nowadays demand a multimedia approach. Having your own internet TV channel can add that extra dimension which distinguishes your medium from your competitors. This brings you even closer to your target group, because it enables you to enter their world more deeply. And that can be valuable.

Royal Dutch company Dirkzwager & Nieuwsblad Transport jointly run a maritime channel. One of the eye-catchers in this broadcast is its footage of ships that are due to arrive in Rotterdam. This information is automatically refreshed so that there is always new information on the screen. Companies in the maritime sector, as well as local cafes and restaurants are happy to pay for the broadcasts. And to complete the picture, they add their own information to the broadcast. (Click here to watch a shortened version of the dutch maritime broadcast)

There are so many combinations to be made. What about a car magazine which starts its own channel – providing content to garages while in turn promoting their latest second hand deals? Or the fish agency which provides fishing news to the affiliated fish traders?

Extra earning opportunities are demostrated here.

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