Information in the club:

  • Scores, rankings and positions
  • Competition programme
  • House rules, etc.

Information about the club

  • news on players
  • supporters’ days
  • business news

See a live demo of an imaginary club


Community centres or bridge clubs, football clubs or music schools: Cloudcasting can help strengthen the bond at any place where people with shared interests come together. What’s the latest result? Who is playing where? Who has got bar duty today? As well displaying a message from the sponsor congratulating the first team, promotional material from local sponsors and the fan shop’s latest bargains.

You pay per screen. That makes Cloudcasting interesting for anyone wanting to broadcast information on a small scale. But it is just as easy to increase your reach. Your own internet TV channel does not have to be limited to just the canteen. Club TV can also be shown just as well in the many pubs where fans come together. Or, for businesses, in the offices of business clubs. And what about the local butcher?

Extra earning opportunities are demostrated here.

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