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A PC. A screen. An internet connection. That’s all you need. Thanks to Cloudcasting, everyone can make their own channel.

‘On air’ in 30 minutes

Cloudcasting has no secrets: the system shows you the way. The possibility of uploading ready-made presentations means you can go ‘on air’ really quickly.


You pay per screen. This makes screen communication affordable, even for small organisations. You can even earn money if you allow sponsors to use the service. 

Your own internet TV channel – Simple and effective

Cloudcasting is an extremely flexible screen communication system. With a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can make your own ‘broadcast’. You can put together a message using powerpoint, text and video. You can enhance this with RSS feeds providing the latest weather forecasts, traffic reports, regional news and sports results. And you publish it. This way you control the ultimate TV channel enabling you to communicate directly and flexibly with your target groups, in a way that captivates their attention.


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